Introducing the SIPUN Company’s STS2 Series Terminal Blocks

The STS2 Series distribution terminal blocks are specifically designed for wiring in various electrical control distribution equipment, complete sets of devices, and combination terminal electrical enclosures. With a rated insulation voltage of 690V and a rated operating voltage of 380V, the maximum cross-section of the incoming wire connection is 25-300mm². This product features a novel and unique structure, ensuring secure and reliable connections while offering flexible and convenient usage. It can be used as busbars, high-current terminals, neutral and ground terminals, equipotential terminals, and more in various electrical devices. Our product complies with standards such as IEC 60947-7-1, GB 14048.7, and JB/T 9659.1.

Structural Features:
The STS2 terminal blocks consist of conductive components, insulating bases, and protective covers. Compact in size and structurally reliable, both the size and quantity of incoming and outgoing wire connections can be customized. The bottom of the screw terminals features specially designed spherical shapes, all equipped with internal hexagon fine-tooth screws . When clamping wires, they do not damage the conductors and exert sufficient extrusion force, ensuring more reliable contact.

Installation Options:

1、Direct installation by punching holes in the base plate.
2、Installation on TH35-7.5 mounting rails.

Choose SIPUN’s STS2 Series terminal blocks for superior performance, reliability, and flexibility in your electrical wiring applications.

Post time: Apr-25-2024