ST2 series push-in terminal blocks

Our company has recently launched the ST2 series push-in spring terminal blocks, a new type of quick connection terminal that boasts improved wiring efficiency and reduced installation costs. With a rated voltage of 800V and a wiring diameter of 0.25mm²-16mm², these terminal blocks are designed to comply with the IEC60947-7-1 standards.
What sets the ST2 series terminal blocks apart is their special spring design, which enables easy insertion of both single-strand wire thicker than 0.25mm² and multi-strand wires with cold-pressed terminals, ensuring secure connections even under strong pull-out forces. Unlike traditional spring terminals, the ST2 series does not require auxiliary tools such as screwdrivers during wiring, making the process more convenient and time-saving.
To wire the terminal block, simply insert the single-strand wire or multi-strand flexible wire into the wiring position, and the contact spring will open automatically. Once inserted, the spring generates enough compression force on the electric conductor, pressing it tightly to the wire. For flexible wires without cold-pressed terminals, a pull button can be pressed with a screwdriver while inserting the wire to ensure a secure connection.
The ST2 series push-in spring terminal blocks is not only superior in its technical performance but also more cost effective. It offers wiring convenience and a faster installation, making it ideal for all types of industries such as automation, motor control and power distribution. Our company is devoted to offering excellence quality products that meet the requirements of our valuable customers. The most remarkable features include effortless wiring due to its Push-In technology, various accessories and wide range of connection options including standard lugs , fork lugs and ferrule type connectors allowing higher flexibility in wire size selection etc. In addition,it has much improved vibration resistance with removable parts for easy maintenance resulting in lower costs for replacement or repairs over the years. All these advantages make the ST2 series push-in spring terminal blocks an even better choice compared against other alternatives available on market today!



1. Insert the wire into the wiring position


2. Connected tightly


3. Push in the orange button with tools


4. Pull out the wire

Post time: Nov-23-2022