ST2 Fuse Push In Terminal Block

Short Description:

The ST2 Fuse terminal blocks comply with the international standard IEC60947-7-1.

Connection method: Push-in connection, Fuse type: Flat, cross section: 2.5mm2, mounting type: NS 35/7,5, NS 35/15, color: grey


Tool-free wiring of conductors with ferrules or solid conductors

2 IN 2 OUT Design

Widely used in railway system


Product Detail

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ST2-2.5 2X2RD

Type ST2-2.5/2X2RD
L/W/H 5.2*85.6*35.5 mm
Nominal cross section 2.5 mm2
Rated current 10A
Rated voltage 400 V
The minimum cross section(Rigid wire) 0.2 mm2
The maximum cross section(Rigid wire) 4 mm2
The minimum cross section(Soft wire) 0.2 mm2
The maximum cross section(Soft wire) 2.5 mm2
Cover ST2-2.5/2X2RDG
Jumper UFB 10-5
Marker ZB5M
Packing unit 54
Minimum Order Quantity 54
Weight of each(not include packing box) 12.5 g



Wiring Diagram


Product Application

1. Power distribution: The ST2 Fuse Push In Terminal Block can be used for power distribution applications, allowing multiple devices or components to be connected to a single power source. Its high current capacity ensures reliable operation, while its compact design saves space in control panels.

2. Motor control: The terminal block can be used for motor control applications, allowing multiple motors to be connected to a single power source. Its push-in connection system makes wiring fast and easy, reducing installation time and costs.

3. Fuse protection: The terminal block features built-in fuse protection, allowing it to protect against overcurrent and short-circuit conditions. This makes it ideal for applications where reliable and safe operation is critical.

Overall, the ST2 Fuse Push In Terminal Block is a versatile and innovative product with a range of advantages and applications. Its time-saving push-in connection system, high current capacity, modular design, space-saving construction, and safe and reliable operation make it an excellent choice for power distribution, motor control, and fuse protection applications in the industrial setting.

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